October 28, 2008

Numbers FxPack Plug-in for Apple Motion

I just build simple number generator for Apple Motion. It's very similar to After Effects Numbers filter. There hasn't been any easy way to do counting/random numbers in Apple Motion before. At least I'am not aware of. So this filter should do the job. You'll need at least Mac OS X 10.5.3, Apple Motion 3 and FxFactory 2.0.5 to run this plug-in.

Download Numbers plug-in here.

P.S. There's still some bugs at least with vertical direction. Maybe I'll add some functionality in the future but this is total freeware so feel free to modify it as you like.

UPDATE 31.10. - New 1.1 version and more information about requirements here.

UPDATE 19.11. - Posted Tapio's FxPack (that includes Numbers) and several other plug-ins.


Erik said...

Damn! I wish I had this plugin last week!

Thanks so much anyway!

Michal Janowski said...

Sorry, but your plugin is not free... At least for me. After installing it says: "Requires FX Factory Pro". I've tried it in Motion and theres a Noise Industries Watermark.
Noise Industries will NEVER get 399$ from me for a set of totally useless plugins. I want just plugins that I really need, not a huge set of them. Anyway, from the video i see its really cool plugin!

Tapio Haaja said...


you're actually right Michal. Just noticed the same thing that you must have registered version (or trial time left) of FxFactory to use this plug-in.

I looked once more and couldn't find a way to publish totally free FxPack. I'll ask developers and hopefully find a solution soon.

Anonymous said...

Wow, so many times I've wanted Motion to be able to do this!!!

If there's anyway you can make this work on Tiger, it would be greatly appreciated!

Tapio Haaja said...

Sorry, but it'll Leopard only. Mainly because it uses some Quartz Composer patches that are only available in Leopard.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! You're very kind to provide it to everyone without a fee.

Anonymous said...
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