November 19, 2008

Tapio's FxPack 1.0

Finally last weekend I had some time to make couple of plug-ins I've had in my mind for some time. It's called Tapio's FxPack (what a great name =) and contains four plug-ins.

Fake 3D (host: Motion, After Effects)
Works by replicating object in Z-space. You can get similar effect in Motion with replicator but this one renders faster and is easier to control.

Drop Shadow (host: Motion, Final Cut Pro)
I mainly made this for Final Cut Pro because FCP's own drop shadow has some terrible artifacts when you add it to video with alpha channel and have fields enabled in your sequence. This is standard filter so you can add multiple copies of it to clip. It also has "shadow only" option.

Numbers (host: Motion)
Generate counting/random numbers in Motion. Very similar to After Effects Numbers filter.

Grow Bounds (host: Motion)
Lets you grow bounds of individual layer inside Motion.

Download Tapio's FxPack 1.0 here.

UPDATE 1.6.2009 - Tapio's FxPack 1.1 available here.

Registered version of FxFactory Pro 2.0.5, Mac OS X 10.5.5 and Apple Motion 3 required. This is total freeware and was made as hobby. So there might be some bugs. Use at your own risk.


Michal Janowski said...

Hi Tapio!

Have you seen this?,com_sobi2/sobi2Task,sobi2Details/catid,4/sobi2Id,20/

Released just a few weeks later after we had the discussion about your Numbers plugin being "free" :-)


Tapio Haaja said...

Hi Michal,

actually guys from Noise Industries warned me about Idustrial Revolution having same kind of plug-in in development after I published my Numbers. So it's just coincident. Good ideas seem to happen same time around the world =D

Anyway with Decimal Counter you can do some things that couldn't be done in my Numbers and vice versa. And I think it's always great to have more options where to choose.


zak said...

Love your work. I have already used it in one of my animations. Keep up the good work.



marvin said...

great plugin !! thank you

/\/* said...

numbers is very cool, thank you