September 18, 2010

iPad app plays in sync with TV program

ABC has made iPad app for My Generation TV program. The thing I find interesting here is that app takes sync from sound. So it'll work even when watching recorded version (and of course even with pirated one). Maybe it's not revolutionary but I think the approach syncing with sound is quite nice because almost every device nowadays have a microphone. So the technique is really backwards compatible.

You can find more information from ABC's My Generation Sync site.

September 16, 2010

So what kind of stuff I do for living

My fellow students have been asking what kind of stuff I do/did for living. So here's one example. It's the launch promo for 3rd season of Finnish comedy series called Ketonen & Myllyrinne (sorry only in Finnish). So in this case I've done everything. Script, editing, graphics, audio...

September 12, 2010

First three weeks in Helsinki Media Lab

It's been little bit over three weeks since I started studying in Media Lab. The Media Lab is a unit in the Department of Media, at the School of Art and Design inside new Aalto University. Yeah that's little bit complicated :) There's great talented people in Media Lab and I've been really inspired after seeing all the great stuff my fellow students have done. Now I'm trying to find my focus area where I want to specialize. I know already it got something to do with future of television, interactive cinema, realtime video manipulation etc. but let's see how things work out and what I'll find the most interesting. Anyway once again I think it's really great to be alive!