February 21, 2009

New Era of Gaming

I might becoming old but I must say that generally I'am not looking same things from videogames than when I was fifteen. So I don't want to spend hours just to learn how to play game. Also for some reason ultra violent games (just played Killzone 2 demo) don't make me any wow effect anymore. So in short I'am not that hardcore player anymore what I used to be when I was teenager.

I've owned Wii and lots of party games so I know there are lot of alternatives but couple of days ago I bought Flower to my PS3 and saw some kind of light. Very simple controls, very beautiful, very meditative, very relaxing. No scores, no possibility of dying, no time limit. Just relaxing. Perfect!

I guess we have to give honor for this kind of games to distribution platfroms like PSN, Xbox Live and WiiWare that enable small studios to put out cheap and unique downloadable titles that are doing well for themselves. So while larger studios are just making "bigger and badder" versions of the same games every year, real innovation seem to happen in these mini games.

So if you happen to own PS3 I encourage you to spend eight euros and have some quality relaxing time with Flower.