April 3, 2011

I made RjDj scene with RJC1000 & Pure Data

I just participated to Sound design and interactive music -course where we had to build experimental interactive sound piece for course exercise. We worked mainly with Pure Data and because I was already little bit familiar with how to build scenes for RjDj I wanted to try taking things further.

I found out RjDj guys have made easy to use software called RJC1000 where you can actually build RjDj scenes without using Pure Data (you can still make advanced things inside Pure Data). I wanted to try it so I made four page scene with RJC1000 & Pure Data called Tapio's Cool Beats where you can control soundscape and some instruments with microphone and accelerometer. It's far from perfect but at least you can get some meaningful sounds out of it :)

If you have iOS device and RjDj installed you can download scene here with mobile Safari.