June 19, 2011

Here I come MediaBizLab!

I just got information that I'm accepted to MediaBizLab minor subject studies (http://mediabizlab.fi/2011/06/new-students-in-the-mediabizlab-minor-studies-program-2/). So my next academic year will be about innovation and business development process of digital media services. I don't know if I told you already but my first year was really media art focused so it's very interesting now to focus on business side (dark side?) of things.

June 12, 2011

Views From My Windows

I almost had forgotten I recorded some views from my windows with iPhone 4 and TimeLapse app in March. At last I had some time to put clips together. If you want to do some time lapse with your iPhone I really recommend TimeLapse app because it can save original stills to your camera roll. So you'll have much more possibilities in post.

June 2, 2011

My summer job

I'm working once again! Next three months I'll be working as an promotion producer at Sub television channel. So back to old good promos. It actually feels very nice now when I haven't been doing those for last nine months. Yeah... Sometimes it's really good to have breaks if you've been doing same thing for years. Anyway here's the first project I did after coming back. It's simple showreel of TV shows coming from Sub next autumn.