October 31, 2008

Update - Numbers 1.1

So here's new version of my Numbers FxPack Plug-in.

Changes in version 1.1

- Fixed number rounding to be more intuitive for counters etc.
- Added randomness slider for generating random numbers
- Added date option [M/D/Y & D/M/Y - short/medium/long]
- Added spelled out [only integers] option
- Added support for After Effects CS3 & CS4

Download Numbers 1.1 here.

I got many questions about Numbers being really free. So this plug-in is FREE but in order to use it you'll need registered version (or trial time left) of FxFactory Pro 2.0.5. I know there are some totally free FxPacks around and I originally thought I could publish this as one but Noise Industries policy is that I'am not allowed to publish totally free FxPacks if I'am not FxPack developer partner. And I understand them. They have to make their living with FxFactory but for me this is only hobby and I'am more towards open source development so this way I can keep my FxPacks totally open so anyone can modify those, build better one or copy some parts.

So sorry guys. FxFactory Pro 2.0.5 required at least at the moment. It's great package. So I warmly recommend spending 399 bucks, learning some Quartz Composer and starting developing some handy plug-ins. I'am not programmer and made Numbers in couple of hours. Point is that some things are much easier to accomplish in Quartz Composer compared to Motion and with FxFactory Pro you can take that Quartz Composer advantage easily to Motion (or After Effects or Final Cut Pro). And I think it'd be great to see active community developing FxPack plug-ins. Although it'd might happen more easily if anyone could publish totally free FxPacks for the rest of the world to use. Don't know. Anyway I'am sure that guys at Noise Industries have think a lot about their current working model and found it best.