September 29, 2011

Manual of Me

In first MediaBizLab lecture we had to analyze ourselves based on Foursight analysis technique. My result was that I'm driver. Means I'm high ideator & high developer. So here are some points you should know when working with me.
  • I usually have lots of ideas and if I get excited about some idea I might feel little bit aggressive to other people because I put so much energy to implementing it quickly. Just remind me that maybe we should think little bit deeper and I'll calm down. And I really value all opinions :)
  • If you're more clarifier or developer I really need you because you slow me down and focus better on right problems and select what ideas we should really push forward.
  • Clarifiers! If you need some implementing horsepower maybe I'm the right guy for your group.
I promise to remember my strengths and weaknesses to make most out of group work. And yes all the skills are really needed to make breakthrough innovations. Point taken.