January 16, 2012

It's a Party - Our MediaBizLab project

So as I've said before I'm on this one year MediaBizLab minor subject studies where we're creating new media services. Before christmas we formed groups and chose our projects. I was lucky because my media service idea of It's a party mobile application was chosen to be one of the projects which will be continued this spring. So I'm in this great group of four developing It's a party mobile application further. We have created new blog for It's a party so you can follow our development here.

Also our MediaBizLab crew made a visit to Copenhagen right at the start of the 2012. It was great! Here's one picture of one morning session where the teams had to describe the projects and their statuses. Also more information about our Copenhagen kickoff in It's a Party blog.

Photo credit goes to Lauri Hassi.


Towab Muhammad Yusuf said...

Thank you Lauri Hassi.