October 5, 2011

Business Model Canvas for my idea

Based on the concepts found from Alexander Osterwalder's book Business Model Generation we were supposed to develop a business model canvas for our ideas. So here's business model canvas for my Superior EPG for Connected TVs idea.

(Click on picture to see it larger)

Some further things we were supposed to consider.

Is there growth potential in the field you are in?
  • Whatever people are saying TV watching is all-time high. So TV is far from dead. Truth is it's much more fragmented nowadays because we have more channels.
  • Connected TVs are now niche but 2015 most TVs sold will be connected.
Is there $$ involved? Are your future competitors making money?
  • There's lots of money involved if it's possible become THE PLACE where people first go when they turn on their TVs.
What is the consumer need for the service and how big is your potential market?
  • Consumer need is to have the best and easiest to use EPG on the planet. Potential market is all people who own connected TVs.